Promoting gender equality and diversity in order to protect human rights of migrants and refugees

Theme: Promoting gender equality and diversity in order to protect human rights of migrants and refugees 


Title: Equal opportunities of men and women – intercultural context


Developed by: Social Innovation Fund, Lithuania


Based on:  10 Examples of Gender Inequality in the World


Aim: To develop the understanding that in EU countries the legislations ensure equal opportunities for women and men in all spheres of life.


The level of language knowledge: Level B2.


Description: The people who came to one of the European Union countries from other non-EU countries have to realise that EU has strong legislations to protect discrimination of women and men on the basis of gender, ethnicity, religion, age, social status, etc. It means that women and men have equal opportunities in all spheres of life.
This also refers to the right of women and men to have the same opportunities for the achievement of important goals in society such as education, employment and income and to contribute to political, social, and cultural development at all levels.


Learning outcomes: Completing this exercise will enable you:

  • Broaden your understanding on different practical cases of discrimination.
  • Recognise the cases related to discrimination forms according to the EU legislation.


Expected duration: About 15 minutes.


Task(s): Task:Read the short description of the situation and define, if it is discriminatory or not in accordance with EU legislation.



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