Formacion para el Desarrollo y la Inserción (DEFOIN)

DEFOIN has extensive experience in the comprehensive management of training plans, as well as specific solutions tailored to the need of design, management and delivery of continuing and occupational training for businesses and employed and unemployed.

Career development and integration (DEFOIN) was born in 2009 with the idea of promoting the training for employment and insertion of employed and unemployed workers, at a time when the economic crisis and the skill requirements of workers it was a crucial task.

Through its team of highly qualified professionals who analyze, design and develop each project with the best guarantees of success.

Training plans DEFOIN managed at all times seeks to enhance the skills of students, improvement and integration into the labor market, expand and update their knowledge. All with the ultimate goal of improving the productivity of workers and organizations, increasing profitability and improving the quality of services of both.

DEFOIN managed plans offer training aimed at both employed and unemployed, as well as training demand by the company.
Given the increasing importance of accreditation of skills acquired through training provision linked to the national catalogue of professional qualifications, DEFOIN, through its red centers partnership manages and provides training leading to the award of certificates of professionalism in branches of administration and management (ADG), trade and marketing (com), computers and communications (IFC) hospitality and tourism (hot), health (san) and socio cultural services (SSC), personal image (imp).
DEFOIN teaches, manages and executes projects justification occupational training specifically aimed at all those who wish to enter an occupation or promoted in a job.

Centers have registered and / or accredited in Andalucía, Castilla la Mancha and madrid for the provision of vocational training for employment. Similarly, we have centers pending approval pending in Murcia.

We also have a network of over 180 collaborating centers scattered around the country and accredited to conduct leading to the award of certificates of professionalism in training different professional families.

Aware of the importance of professional certificates based on allowing students to have an accredited professional skills, acquired through training, to develop a work activity with significance for employment and to provide content solutions to this situation DEFOIN since we are working on the development of digital content based professional certificates.

The training sector is constantly changing, so DEFOIN has a department of i + d + i where more and more advanced content are made. We have one of the platforms most advanced e-learning market, with a high level of control of content and level of customization.

DEFOIN has been authorized as employment agency to provide workers / as a labor intermediation and users in finding and achieving suitable employment to the properties and provide employers the most appropriate to their needs and requirements in terms of working people their professional skills and qualification levels.