CV Building

Theme: Empowerment Integration of migrants into labour market.


Title: CV Building


Developed by: H2 Learning, Ireland.


Based on: 


Aim: To develop an understanding of how to prepare a CV.


The level of language knowledge: B1+.


Description: When applying for a job, internship or a voluntary position you will most likely be asked to complete a CV. In these exercises, you will learn about the kind of information to include and not to include in a CV. You will also learn how to sequence the information and sections logically.


Learning outcomes: By the end of these exercises, you will be able to:

  • Distinguish between essential and non-essential information to be included in a CV.
  • Match CV headings to the appropriate information.
  • Arrange the sections of a CV into a logical order.


Expected duration: About 15-20 minutes.


Task(s): Task 1: You are looking for a job and need to write a CV.  Look at the list below and decide which categories should you always, sometimes, or never include in your CV.  Choose the right items for each of the categories.


Task 2: First, re-order the CV sections into a logical order. Then match each section with the appropriate headings listed below. Note: there is an extra heading which you do not need.



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