Interview Skills

Theme: Empowerment Integration of migrants into labour market.


Title: Interview Skills.


Developed by: H2 Learning, Ireland.


Based on: Guide for Migrant Jobseekers in Ireland.


Aim: To develop an understanding of positive and helpful interview strategies.


The level of language knowledge: B2.


Description: At an interview, you need to convince the interviewer(s) that you are the perfect candidate for the job. In these exercises, you will consider ways of researching a company or employer before an interview, read some interview tips and consider whether they are universal or culture- dependent. Finally you will read some common interview questions and decide on the best strategy for answering them.


Learning outcomes: By the end of these exercises you will be able to:

  • Identify appropriate ways to research a company before an interview.
  • Assess some practical interview tips.
  • Distinguish between helpful and unhelpful strategies for answering interview questions.


Expected duration: 20 minutes.


Task(s): Task 1: You recently applied for a job with a new company/organisation and have been invited to attend an interview. How could you find out information about the company in advance of an interview? (Tick all relevant responses.)


Task 2: You did an online search for more interview tips and have made some notes. Which of the following is universally good advice, and which might depend on the cultural norms in your country?


Task 3: Read the common interview questions and select the strategies that would help you make a good impression.



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