Know your Personality Type

Theme: Promoting Personal Development 


Title: Know your Personality Type


Developed by: Kaunas Region Education Centre, Lithuania


Based on:  Bendravimo psichologijos žinių patikrinimo ir savarankiškų darbų užduotys (2007). Kaunas: Technologija

How Temperament Type Can Influence Your Career

Personality Type Resources

Temperament and Its Four Types

Different Types of Personality - Find out who are you

Are you an Introvert or an Extrovert? What it means for your Career

What Careers best Suit Introverts and Extroverts?


Aim: Raise learners’ awareness about the different personality types which are important for self-knowledge.


The level of language knowledge: Level B2.


Description: The main step in planning self-development is discovering our own self: first, you have to know your character and temperament type in order to recognise your strengths and weaknesses depending on the type of your personality. There are four basic personality types: sanguine, phlegmatic, choleric and melancholic. However, every person has a unique combination of all of them. Around 50% of the variations in human personality are defined by genetic factors, whereas the other 50% are influenced by external factors and are a result of upbringing. People may also be characterised by their behaviour as introverts and extraverts. Understanding the differences between these types of temperament can help in building relationships, making career, communicating with others, problem solving, etc.


Learning outcomes: At the end of this exercise you will:

  • Have developed an understanding about the temperament types.
  • Be able to identify the different temperament types in everyday situations.


Expected duration: About 20-30 minutes.


Task(s): Task 1: A. Watch the video for better understanding of the four temperament types; B. Read the description of the person, choose the type of character which suits the description best

Task 2: A. Watch 2 short videos about introverts and extroverts; B. Read the statements below and choose the right answer. More than one answer is possible.


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