Tips for a Personal SWOT Analysis

Theme: Promoting Personal Development 


Title: Tips for a Personal SWOT Analysis


Developed by: Kaunas Region Education Centre, Lithuania


Based on:  A Personal SWOT Analysis can help you to judge Yourself Accurately

Personal SWOT Analysis: Making the Most of Your Talents and Opportunities

Conduct a Personal SWOT Analysis to Improve Your Career


Aim: Introduce a SWOT analysis as a tool for planning personal development.


The level of language knowledge: Level B2.


Description: While planning your personal development it is essential to identify the areas where you are strong and the areas which should be improved in order to achieve your personal goals, no matter whether they are related with your career or personal life. It is also important to discover, what may prevent your success and where the greatest opportunities lie. For these purposes a personal SWOT analysis is an effective tool to do this.


Learning outcomes: At the end of this exercise you will:

  • Have developed an understanding about how the SWOT can be used for self-analysis and planning personal development.
  • Be able to perform your personal SWOT analysis using the provided tips.


Expected duration: About 30-40 minutes.


Task(s): Task 1: Watch the video about personal SWOT analysis and self-reflect on the questions below.

Task 2: Perform your personal SWOT analysis using the template below. The template contains questions to help you.



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