Raising awareness on social entrepreneurship

Theme: Promoting of social entrepreneurship 


Title: Raising awareness on social entrepreneurship


Developed by: CARDET, Cyprus


Based on:  “Policy Brief on Social Entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurial Activities in Europe”


Aim: To enhance awareness around the basics of social entrepreneurship.


The level of language knowledge: Level B2.


Description: Social entrepreneurship includes activities around similar interests. The aim of social entrepreneurship is to socially connect people and deal with issues of social exclusion, even unemployment. As mentioned in the Policy Brief on Social Entrepreneurship “Promoting positive attitudes towards social entrepreneurship can be a preliminary step towards social enterprise creation. One of the ways to achieve this, and to attract young talent into the sector, is through inserting social entrepreneurship within entrepreneurship education activities in schools, vocational education and training colleges and universities. This can be a key element in broader strategies for promoting social entrepreneurship amongst young people.” (p.13) Understanding the basic principles of social entrepreneurship/social enterprises will help you apply it in practice later on, in your social space. Migrants and refugees can benefit from social entrepreneurship, as it is an inclusive practice and can enable them develop their social and working skills in the foreign country. This activity will help you understand what social entrepreneurship is and how it can be created.


Learning outcomes: Completing this activity, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the characteristics of social entrepreneurship.
  • Analyze their possibilities to create a social enterprise.


Expected duration: About 15-20 minutes.


Task(s): Read the following statements and mark them correct answer.



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