Skills for Employment

Theme: Empowerment Integration of migrants into labour market.


Title: Skills for Employment.


Developed by: H2 Learning, Ireland.


Based on: Guide For Migrant Jobseekers in Ireland (The Integration Centre).


Aim: To familiarise learners with skills that are important for employers.


The level of language knowledge: B1+.


Description: People develop skills through a variety of activities: work, volunteering, hobbies, education/training and social activities. You should identify the skills that are relevant for the job to which you are applying to (e.g. good organizational skills, IT skills) and think about experiences in which you have demonstrated or developed these skills.


The following exercises will help you understand what the core skills are and will help you identify examples of how these skills can be demonstrated.


Learning outcomes: At the end of this exercise, you will:

  • Have developed an understanding of the types of skills that are required by employers.
  • Be able to give examples of these skills.
  • Have considered the skills necessary for a number of different jobs.


Expected duration: About 20-30 minutes.


Task(s): Task 1: Match the core skill to the explanation.


Task 2: Match the skill to the example.


Task 3: Identify the skills that are important for each of the jobs outlined in the next three questions.



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