Understanding of discrimination on the basis of race/ethnicity/religion

Theme: Promoting gender equality and diversity in order to protect human rights of migrants and refugees


Title: Understanding of discrimination on the basis of race/ethnicity/religion


Developed by: Social Innovation Fund, Lithuania


Based on:  Gender Equality & Diversity Planning at Work


Aim: To check the understanding of concepts, definitions and cases of discrimination.


The level of language knowledge required: B2.


Description: It is important to understand the idea of equal treatment of all regardless of their ethnicity/religion and beliefs. Therefore, in this exercise the main social concepts that outline the basis for construction of prejudices and stereotypes on the grounds of race, ethnicity and religion are presented.


Learning outcomes: Completing this exercise will enable you to:

  • Develop your knowledge about the main concepts, definitions and cases of discrimination in relation to racial/ethnic/religious groups.


Expected duration: 20 minutes.


Task(s): You have to read the text on the left side and match it with the correct definition on the right side.



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