Social Innovation Fund - SIF

SIF has over 20 years’ experience in managing EU projects acting as manager and coordinator in more than eighty EU projects, from which more than forty projects were in the field of social inclusion and employability, promoting entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship, adult education policies and practices, ICT and e-learning. All these projects were aimed to facilitate integration of learners with disadvantaged backgrounds into the labor market and society through development of their soft skills coherent with the key competences: sense of initiative and entrepreneurship, social and civic competences, digital competences and learning to learn. SIF also has a wide network of partners containing around 200 international and 200 national partners (including NGOs, universities, VET organizations, public bodies and private companies) in all EU countries. In addition, SIF in cooperation with Lithuanian Women’s Lobby and other institutions has organized 12 European and 6 national conferences and has submitted 9 resolutions to Lithuanian Parliament.