Kaunas Region Education Centre - KREC

Kaunas Region Education Centre is a non-formal adult educational institution the aim of which is to provide qualified educational, professional development services for adult educators, teachers, school principals, adult learners, etc. The Education center was established in 1994. Since then it has been actively involved in local, regional and national as well as international lifelong learning activities.   The center has 15 years of experience in international projects as coordinator and project partner. The center is a certified institution accredited by the National Ministry of Education and Science. The main activities of our institution are to prepare and implement adult learning/training programs and projects, organize qualification and certification events, seminars, courses, conferences, exhibitions, analyze teachers’ and other adults’ educational needs, share advanced professional learning and work experience, provide clients with methodical and technical material, coordinate non formal adult education in Kaunas Region (Third Age University, local communities, the unemployed, low skilled workers, early school leavers, etc.). We organize short and long term training sessions; prepare learning modules and other education materials for adult educators. Annually we have more than 10 000 learners whose learning is based on accredited programs. After each seminar the skills and abilities of adult learners are assessed and certified.