Challenging Myth about racial/ethnic/religious groups

Theme: Promoting gender equality and diversity in order to protect human rights of migrants and refugees


Title: Challenging myth about racial/ethnic/religious groups


Developed by: Social Innovation Fund


Based on: Gender Equality and Diversity Planning at Workplaces.


Aim: To broaden your understanding about racial/ethnic/religious groups and to challenge the related attitudes.


The level of language knowledge: 


Description: Migrants and refugees often face discrimination and prejudice, based on the myths about their race, ethnicity, religion. It is important to change negative attitudes and treat them equally.

One very practical way of challenging attitudes is to be aware of common myths about people from a minority race/ethnic background and have the facts that debunk them. A number of common myths about racial/ethnic/religious groups are provided in this exercise along with the facts that explain the real situation.


Learning outcomes: Completing this excercise will enable you to:

  • Distinguish between the common myths about people from a minority race/ethnic background and real facts.


Expected duration: About 15 minutes.


Task(s): Please read the statements below and choose the correct answer. Mark your choice and read the explanation provided.



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