SEMA” stands for Sustainable Entrepreneurship based on Multifunctional Agriculture. It is a transnational research project supported by the European Commission and funding bodies in five countries under the umbrella of ERASMUS+.

The key concept for sustainable agricultural and rural development is multifunctional agriculture. It cannot be achieved only by applying agricultural knowledge; it also relies on economic, organizational and entrepreneurial skills.

SEMA’s aim & mission

Aim of the SEMA project is to provide training and capacity building opportunities according to the needs for qualification of European farmers beyond formal vocational training and additional case studies. Its mission is to promote and support rural entrepreneurship and improve viability of farming in multifunctional agriculture.

SEMA’s directions

Using ICT, SEMA is providing high quality learning opportunities targeted at young farmers and family farm managers. Online training material, good-practice examples and a mentoring network are a combination of innovative approaches.